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What is your mission and purpose?

The Mission and Purpose of Praise Fellowship Church is to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission; to love God and people too, and to make followers of Jesus Christ. Read more.

What is your church like?

Praise Fellowship Church is a family oriented church with ministry geared for all ages. From the Seasoned to the infants the people represent a cross section of our community and county, including rural agricultural, industrial, professional and business people. Our services include a contemporary format of music including such instruments as guitars, drums, piano and keyboard. There is a free and informal format to our services.

Are you affiliated with a denomination?

Praise Fellowship Church is a Non-denominational independent church without affiliation to any particular denomination. People from many denominational backgrounds have found a home at Praise Fellowship Church. We are, however, in fellowship with a group of churches and ministries called the Association of Faith Churches and Ministries (AFCM). AFCM is an international ministry organization that is comprised of hundreds of churches, traveling ministers and missionaries from all over the world.

What does the church believe?

Praise Fellowship Church is an evangelical fellowship that focuses on the essential doctrines of the Christian faith including the need for each individual’s personal salvation by faith in Jesus Christ and that the Bible is without error and is to be the final authority in our lives. Read more.

What is a Spirit-filled church?

Praise Fellowship Church could be described as a “Spirit-filled” church in that we believe in the filling or baptism of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus ascended he told his disciples to wait until they received the promise from God and that the Holy Spirit would empower them for ministry and for being witnesses for Him. The Holy Spirit was sent in power on the day of pentecost. We believe this promise of God is still for His disciples today and that the evidence and manifestations of the Holy Spirit as seen in the New Testament are to be as much a part of the experience of the church today as was in the first century church. Other terms that may be used to describe a Spirit-filled church are Charismatic, Pentecostal, and Full-gospel.

What is a Word-of-Faith church?

Praise Fellowship Church could be described as a Word-of-Faith church in that we are a part of a group of churches emphasizing God’s Word that says “My people shall live by faith”. In Romans 10:8, this message is referred to as “the word of faith which we preach”. The message of faith emphasizes the abundant life that Jesus said He came to give in John 10:10. We emphasize that God not only wants to save us, but to provide for us and bless and prosper us in every area of our lives, spiritually, physically, financially and socially.

What is a gift-based church?

A gift-based church is one in which it is emphasized that each person has been given gifts by God to serve Him by ministering to one another in the church as well as reaching out to help those that are not in the church. A gift-based church helps a person identify and develop their gifts. It is believed that when a person is using their God-given gift they will be energized and empowered by that and it will bring great fulfillment to them as well as being a blessing to the people that they minister to. Ministries within the church, and reaching out from the church, are based on people’s gifts. The person will continue to have that position of ministry as long as the Lord is directing them that way.

What does Praise Fellowship Church have for children?

We feel that ministry to children must be done through effective means where they not only get the information of the message but also have the opportunity to experience it for themselves. Our format for children’s ministry is a KIDS CHURCH on Sunday morning during the time that the adults are receiving the Biblical message. Skits, drama characters, puppets are all a part of children’s church experience. The children themselves become involved in the ministry in praying for one another as well as helping in the details of the actual service. *

What does Praise Fellowship Church have for youth?

Praise Fellowship gives leadership to an interdenominational countywide youth group comprised of youth from several different churches. This youth group is called the FELLOWSHIP OF THE UNASHAMED. They meet weekly, 7:00 P.M. Wednesdays, at CLUB I.O.U., Praise Fellowship Church’s Youth Center at the corner of 1st Avenue East and Main Street

What are the mid-week activities that you have?

Mid-week activities include ladies small group, youth group meetings, prayer team meetings, music team gatherings, parenting classes. Other activities and events are seasonal and can be viewed on our events page and calendar See more

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