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FAQ’s for Visitors (Frequently Asked Questions)

This page is an attempt to help you get a feel for what you might experience if you were to come and visit one of our church services.  For more detailed answers to other FAQ’s – click here

What is your service like?

Our service starts at 9:30am.  But if you come early you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and be greeted by a few others that like to come early just to visit.  We start a few minutes early with a video worship song displayed on the screen.  It sets the tone for our worship gathering and is kind of the notice that “we are starting now”

We start with a contemporary style of praise and worship, using piano, drums, guitars (our instruments vary from week to week).  We take time to share announcements and receive an offering.  If you are visiting don’t plan on bringing money for an offering.  We want you to just check it out – not feel compelled to give.

Then we have a message time that is teaching from the Bible.  It typically includes Power Point and video presentations to add visual graphics and notes to the message.  After the message we dismiss people to either go as they need to, or stick around for some more fellowship and another cup of coffee.

There is a Prayer Ministry Team that is scheduled for each week for those that would like to receive personal prayer – not off in some scary room, but in a corner of the sanctuary with some music going on in the background.  We always have both men and women available to pray for you.  Our intent is to offer a balance of private ministry in a public place and to have it be gender safe.

How long is your service?

We start at 9:30am and are typically done by 11:00am.

If I bring kids, what goes on with them?

As soon as you come, nursery age children (0 – 3 years) can go directly to the nursery.  Children 4 years old to 6th grade stay with their parents/guardians during the praise and worship time and are dismissed to kids church after that.

Do you have a dress code?

Nope – other than modesty is the best policy.  Mostly what you will see is casual dress (the pastor rarely wears a tie).  Some are in jeans, shorts, casual – Minnesota climate dependent!  Others like to dress up a little more.  Come as you are comfortable – you will fit right in.

I understand you are a Spirit-filled Church.  What kinds of things go on during a service?

We understand that “Spirit-filled” means a lot of different things in different places.  We want the Holy Spirit to have the freedom to give direction in our service, but always decently and in order.  We believe in the various expressions of the Spirit of God in gifts like tongues with interpretation, prophecy and such things, and they may happen, but we are not of the persuasion that they have to happen to have had an encounter with God.  We intend to always be open to the moving of God’s Spirit, while understanding that our culture is quite conservative.  We understand that there are extremes on both ends of the spectrum in services of worship – all the way from very expressive to very stoic.  We think we are some place in the middle of those attempting to give the Lord freedom to move in our service yet understanding our conservative culture.

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